[links] Link salad climbs a wind-swept tower

Don’t forget to check out the METAtropolis contests

Going Up: 1905 — An early photo of the Flatiron Building, home to my Toroid friends.

Battleship Island & Other Ruined Urban High-Density Sites

Detecting Single Cancer Molecules — Maybe an analogous test using this type of process will become available for colon cancer in my lifetime.

Rep. Ralph Hall’s unbelievable statement on science funding bill — More of that justly famed conservative principled consistency and intellectual honesty, all in the service of cutting science funding and reducing American competitiveness. Seriously, how do you guys sleep at night?

Removing teachers with “accented” speech? — More arrant official racism in Arizona. Nothing to see here citizen, move along. Just making Real America safe for Real Americans.

Epistemic closure on the right — Hard evidence of yet another case where the conservative worldview remains immune to inconvenient facts. Outrage is so much more fun than logic.

As Oil Arrives On MS Beaches, Will Barbour Continue To Praise BP And Mock News Coverage Of The Spill? — Reality’s anti-conservative bias rears its ugly, oil-soaked head again.
?otD: What’s the strangest ruin you’ve ever been in?

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2 thoughts on “[links] Link salad climbs a wind-swept tower

  1. Somewhat amusing about the accent debacle is the relevant point that there is no such thing as “unaccented” English. Any fool would know that if they traveled the length and breadth of the United States, let alone to other English-speaking countries or ever talking to people who speak ESL. I can’t count the number of regional accents and dialects of English just within the contiguous 48.

    Which just makes the attempt to remove “heavily accented” speakers a complete and transparent farce. Define “heavil accented”. What constitutes “no accent”? I guess that pretty much means that nobody south of the Mason-Dixon ought to be allowed to teach English in Arizona. (I jest, obviously.)

  2. Cora says:

    I wonder what those Arizona lawmakers would make of a teacher with a Glasgow or Manchester or Liverpool accent. Or a teacher from rural Maine or from the Deep South for that matter. All native speakers of English and none of them sounds even remotely like the good people of Arizona. Ironically, the accent spoken by the good people of Arizona would probably have sent my old highschool English teacher into the same fits as my own Mississippi accent (sadly eroded by twenty years of teacher intervention) did, because to that teacher a British RP accent was the only proper English and American English was not English at all. Of course, that teacher was a complete and utter twat. Just like whoever came up with that Arizona law.

    The ruined cities link reminded me of Prora, a monstrous 4.5 kilometer long Nazi concrete block on the island of Rügen. It was supposed to be a beach resort for 20000 holiday makers. Construction began in 1935 and was never completed, but the parts that were built (mostly residential blocks) are still enormous. I had the opportunity to visit Prora last year. One of the creepiest places I’ve ever seen.

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