[books] A bit more on The Specific Gravity of Grief, and where I’d like see it go

As I said in Link Salad this morning, The Specific Gravity of Grief was reviewed by GeekDad at Wired.com. It’s a thoughtful, interesting take on the book, which I’m always grateful for.

I have a long term ambition for this book, which is to have copies make their way into oncologist’s offices and infusion centers around the country. I don’t feel a need to make any money off that process, which will push the price down, or possibly lead to some fund-raising as well to place copies very cheaply.

However, for any of that to happen, we need to sell through the 250-unit limited edition printing that Fairwood Press has put out. The wired.com review will help, as will forthcoming reviews. But one of the best things you could do for me and my cancer is spread the word, so people who are interested know about the book and can consider purchasing it. If we can sell through this printing, Fairwood Press will do a cheaper trade paperback edition, which I will work to drive the price down as far as possible on.

Take a minute and go read GeekDad’s review. If you’re interested, or know people who might be, spread the word. The book is available here from Fairwood Press. If you’ve already done so, thank you for supporting this project.

6 thoughts on “[books] A bit more on The Specific Gravity of Grief, and where I’d like see it go

  1. Mark Siegal says:

    Ordered and tweeted. I’d been waiting in case this first printing sold out too quickly. Our family has been through some far milder run-ins with cancer. You are a rockstar of openness and courage. I hope this book spreads wide.

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you, Mark.

  2. Posted to my blog and tweeted today. And belated happy birthday(!!!) as I was offline for the weekend.

    1. Jay says:

      And thank you!

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