[cancer] Infusion session eleven, day three, birthday 46

Yesterday was infusion session eleven, day three. Replete with family and cake on account of being my 46th birthday. Also did the chemo bottle ritual, and had a masseuse by the house. Photos later, we took ’em, but I got a little off track in uploading them due to exhaustion and post-massage torpor.

The sessions have grown deeply difficult at both a physical and emotional layer. Which is unsurprising, but still… sigh. A final one coming up June 18-20, then I can start trudging back up out of this valley of the shadow of chemo.

I want to thank everyone on LiveJournal, WordPress, Twitter and Facebook for the hundreds of birthday wishes yesterday. That did cheer my heart immensely. You guys are awesome. This is perhaps the toughest row I’ve ever hoed. Thank you for your help and encouragement.