[contests] METAtropolis contest winner

The winner of my part of the METAtropolis contest is T.E.P., with this submission.


As the Maltese Falcon first proved, there was a lot which modern technology could do to improve upon 19th century commercial sailing ships. But as the world was suddenly thrust into its second age of sail and those yards who still had the skills and materials scrabbled to put hulls in the water, the living fossils of that first age were much in demand. While in the early days they maintained those most delicate tendrils of physical contact between continents once more worlds apart, naval architects, shipwrights and mariners alike all sought to re-learn from those who’d gone before.

T.E.P. wins a copy of the Tor Books edition of METAtropolis, and a big smile from me. Check out the contest page itself for some awfully cool ideas from many other folks.

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One thought on “[contests] METAtropolis contest winner

  1. T.E.P. says:


    My partner is the professional photographer(-ish) of the two of us, so this may occasion some… issues.

    I’ll just say it was the caption that won it and domestic harmony should be maintained. (In all honesty, I owe her a thanks for the second opinion on the crop.)

    There was a strong element of serendipity about this too – I read all 5 competition rules, and the following morning, on my way to work and mulling over haiku for Mr Scalzi, there was the Lord Nelson moored in the old canting basin by the appropriately futuristic looking Science Centre, and I thought, “Aha…”

    Thanks very much for this, and w00t and stuff again.

    (And I will not re-read the caption again and fume over the need to re-edit the last sentence.)

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