[cancer] Saturday-o-rama

Yesterday was good but exhausting. I vastly overreached myself in celebration of my parents’ anniversary. That is to say, my sister drove me thirty minutes across town, we spent two hours in a very nice restaurant, drove another thirty minutes across town with my brother in the car, spent two hours at my parents’ apartment with the whole family, then she drove me home. All in all, I was out of my house close to five hours, which excepting for trips to the infusion center is the longest I’ve been out of my house since March, I think.

Thank Ghu and all Her Scaly Minionettes that I wasn’t suffering from anything worse than usual chemo nonsense yesterday. Perhaps my oversleeping yesterday morning actually helped, I don’t know. I was home before 4, sprawled in my chair until I started to fall asleep around 7:30, then crawled into bed. It was a good use of my time, I’m not sorry we did it, but wow did the day get blown away in fatigue and distraction.

Staying home and laying low today. I have a big pile of signature sheets to do, starting very shortly, and that’s about it. Will rewatch the Lord of the Rings extended edition while signing, and after. I believe is coming by later for a spot of light housekeeping and to check on me. Otherwise I expect blessed stillness.