[links] Link salad’s face is at first just ghostly

A rather nice review of Mainspring From Alex J. Kane.

My single-title novella “The Baby Killers” is up for pre-order — With a nice write-up.

My short story “The Dead Man’s Child” is up at Cosmos

Podcast of my widely-reprinted short story “On the Human Plan”

Fifty Years of Romance and Research or a Jungle-Wallah at Large — My new favorite book title. Snurched from Tetrapod Zoology, with the following description: Two of the seals died and Hose performed dissections on them while still in the carriage, “flinging the more perishable parts out of the train window, to the consternation of fellow passengers”.

Star Trails and Tajinastes — Quite an image from APOD.

Genetic Programming: Evolution of Mona Lisa — Ok, this is darned cool. (Thanks to .)

What Is I.B.M.’s Watson? — Mmm. SkyNet. (Thanks to .)

The Ten Most Disturbing Scientific Discoveries — Honestly, they could have dug a little deeper ‐ teratoma, anyone? — but still an interesting article. (Via @inkhaven.)

Panel Recommends Approval of After-Sex Pill — Forced pregnancy enthusiasts oppose reproductive freedom, of course. Also, this just in, sun rises in east.

Republicans Side With BPThe party of personal responsibility seems to think that corporations, while persons, aren’t personally responsible for anything. Mmm yes. (Via a guest post at the blog of Ta-Nehisi Coates.)

No Price to Pay for TortureNYT on the Obama administrations ongoing defense and coverup of the Bush administration’s torture policies. Ths makes me sick. I voted for Obama because I wanted someone better than Bush in the White House. It wouldn’t take much to be Bush’s intellectual or moral superior, but in this matter (amomg others) Obama is failing at that simplest of tasks. I am angry and disappointed in our president.

?otD: What is your favorite whiter shade of pale?

Writing time yesterday: n/a
Body movement: 30 minute stationary bike ride
Hours slept: 8.5 (interrupted, nightmares)
This morning’s weigh-in: 231.6
Yesterday’s chemo stress index: 6/10 (exhaustion)
Currently (re)reading: A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett

One thought on “[links] Link salad’s face is at first just ghostly

  1. Cora says:

    Regarding the new and improved morning after pill, the reservations of the spokeswoman of the Concerned Women for America that a man might slip the pill into an unsuspecting woman’s drink to prevent a pregnancy she might want is just plain ridiculous.

    According to the article, the pill will be a prescription drug. And who would prescribe a pregnancy preventing drug to a man?

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