[cancer] Infusion session twelve, day one

Well, that was my last trip to the infusion center for this round of chemo. Due to my decision to keep the port in my chest, I’ll be back in there quite a bit in the coming months, but not to be pumped full of cytotoxins and corticosteroids. Thank Ghu.

We had cakes baked by and the Niece (under grandmotherly supervision) to thank the staff, and share with the other patients. Anyone who’s ever been to JayCon has probably enjoyed this cake, basically devil’s food covered with a thick layer of fudge icing. I brought a card, and copies of The Specific Gravity of Grief for my oncologist and for the reading shelf in the infusion center. The lead PA promptly absconded with that second copy, which made me happy. (My therapist said he’d never read anything like it. I chose to take that as a compliment.) Photos to come once Twitter and I reach detente on the upload process.

The infusion itself was pretty rough by the end, and I’m really wiped out today. During our consultation with the oncologist, we asked a lot of questions. Some of the answers were encouraging, some were damned sobering. I’ll make a post about all that in detail once I’ve had a bit more chance to process, and discuss with and . Let’s just say my fears are in no wise laid to rest.

Next steps for me are bloodwork and a CT scan on July 16th, followed by an oncology consultation on July 19th. I’ll have a colonoscopy in early August as well. For now, I have another day and a half on the pump, with all the joy and pain that entails.

Chemo bottle ritual for the last time on Sunday.

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