[cancer] All is quiet on the Southern front

Much better day yesterday, after I finally listened to ‘s wise counsel and took an Imodium. As she and too well know, I am occasionally an idiot about meds. I also enjoyed more mental alertness yesterday, at least through early afternoon, than I’ve experienced in ages. Later in the day was rough, as I was extremely fatigued after my energy curve crashed, and my chest scars were unusually painful.

Watching do her thing this week has been kind of amazing. She’s running about like a running thing, prepping Witchnest Manor for livability, doing essential errands for both her and me, keeping up with all the minutiae of life, and somehow finding time to do five loads of laundry and bake banana bread. So many of my needs and deeds have been spread out among a wide network of supporters and caregivers, but with many of my people out of town this past week, it’s almost all been concentrated on . Who has been magnificent.

Meanwhile, bright forces gather for JayCon X this Saturday. arrives Friday, myriad other folks Saturday, for our 2 pm start over at the Flying Pie. I’m excited, and a little worried about my own ability to cope. But I am feeling better, and I’ll be very careful of my energy later this week.

I am starting to see better terrain for my body and my mind and my spirit, and oh, goodness, is that a welcome change.

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