[personal] Plans, plans, plans

Well, JayCon X is almost upon us. (That would be tomorrow, for those playing along with the home game version of this blog.) shelly_rae swoops in this evening to celebrate. calendula_witch already has jkoke and karawynn at her house. Many other folks coming in from Washington, California, even Nebraska. Plus all my local friends and family. Promises to be quite a shindig, and my body is delivering sufficient energy and focus for me to enjoy the party, assuming I don’t burn it up today.

Which I won’t.

Day Jobbery first, and soon, after which I’m going to mellow with calendula_witch, jkoke, karawynn and the_child. That means sitting in my Big Chair while they bang around the house and one another.

I did get to see Witchnest Manor yesterday briefly, though most of my visit consisted of taking a nap while calendula_witch consulted with her workiepersons about paint colors and whatnot. It is coming along nicely.

So light socializing today, heavy socializing tomorrow, and more light socializing on Sunday. My plan is to try my hand at writing on Monday (or possibly this weekend if I find a quiet hour and the energy) and see just how awake Fred is. Deadlines postponed by chemo impend.

Next week, a more normal routine. I figure another week and I might be fit to drive a car again, which would be convenient for the ordinary errands of my life. I continue to wake up from chemo fog in so many ways, and I am terribly excited about celebrating that tomorrow with some, all or none of you.

4 thoughts on “[personal] Plans, plans, plans

  1. Sarah says:

    Have a great celebration! James and I are thrilled you’re doing better, and we hope to actually meet you at a future JayCon, since we can’t be there Saturday. Enjoy!

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you!

  2. John Booth says:

    Happy JayCon X from the far-off exotic land of Ohio – best wishes for an awesome weekend!

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