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[food|calendula] Momos and fried olives at Witchnest Manor

Yesterday we had a post-party party at calendula_witch’s new digs, Witchnest Manor. Some of the out of town JayCon guests, some of my family, and a bunch of food. I supervised the making of momos, which were prepared with five different fillings: yak meat, beef, lamb, turkey and vegetarian meat substitute. Much work was put in by many people to make it all come out right, but serious yum.

shelly_rae then took over the kitchen and made fried olives, per my recent dream. The best version was kalamata olives, stuffed with fontina, wrapped in prosciutto and fried in olive oil with a panko crust. shelly_rae will be posting the recipe soon.

And the house. Mmm. Witchnest Manor is gorgeous, and calendula_witch is already amazingly well moved in. The place is so nifty, and she is definitely queen of her hall.

Photos to come…

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