[cancer] Captain, we’ve sighted normal on the horizon

Slept ok but not great last night. I have an eye doctor appointment this morning, and the post-chemo CT scan tomorrow. Nothing to worry about!

Really, I continue more energetic. The peripheral neuropathy in my hands continues to deepen. My feet are still troubled, but stable. Everything else is improving. I managed to drive myself to a medical appointment yesterday, and stop at the store on the way home. Been a long time since I could ‘shotgun’ errands together. Or even drive at all.

So, yeah, still quite a ways from normal, but I think I’m approaching the 80/20 barrier.

One thought on “[cancer] Captain, we’ve sighted normal on the horizon

  1. Barbara Neighbors Deal says:

    Dear Jay,

    Found your web site on bookmarked — hadn’t checked in
    in a good long while.

    Wow. What an amazing journey. And from healthy side, all this will likely end up as grist for the story mill, as everything does if we’re paying attention.

    I’m really sorry for the pain and the challenges of recovery.

    In times of great challenge, I believe there is a sense in which we can lend one another strength, peace, awareness, trust, joy in the small triumphs. I’m holding these things with you.

    (North Coast Writer’s Conference, remembering the faculty parties on the patio!)

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