[personal] Updatery of various sorts

Cancer: As calendula_witch notes, we’re essentially on hold til August 11th. Peripheral neuropathy seems to have ceased deepening and may be improving slightly. I continue in pretty deep emotional turmoil and distress over this new diagnosis and its attendant ambiguities.

Health otherwise: Lately I’ve had my eyes checked (everything’s fine) and my feet checked due to a couple of small issues. Happily I do not appear to be experiencing the precursors to Dupuytren’s contraction, which does run in my family. Unhappily I do appear to be experiencing the precursors to arthritis. Oh, well.

Writing: Sekrit Projekt is 95% to bed and Endurance revisions are underway. I’m going to be all Endurance all the time until I get it turned in, either before surgery or before we leave for New Zealand and Australia, whichever winds up actually happening. However, these next few days I’ll be at Writer’s Weekend, pro’ing with davidlevine, which may affect my writing time.

Internetitudinosity: Due to the aforementioned Writer’s Weekend, I may be offline from this afternoon through Sunday night. Regular blogging service will resume when bandwidth once more presents itself. Likewise email responsiveness. The management of this blog humbly apologizes for any inconvenience.

They Say That Five Things Make a Post: This is thing five.

2 thoughts on “[personal] Updatery of various sorts

  1. stevie says:

    ‘Unhappily I do appear to be experiencing the precursors to arthritis.’

    Could it be that you are not drinking enough alcohol?

    I appreciate you may want to wait till you’ve had the surgery, but a glass or two of fine wine is pretty good as medication goes…

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