13 thoughts on “[cancer|travel] Some good news, for a change

  1. Tiffani says:

    Oh I am SO glad that you get to go on your trip! Any piece of good news, right? (and sending good mojo your way, as always)

  2. Alexis says:

    Have a great time!

  3. Jan says:

    That is such great news!!!

    Enjoy the trip and when you are away do not think of bad things happening in your body – keep saying it is shrinking. When you go to bed visualize that is shrinking.

    When my Mum was dying from breast cancer she went on a vacation to Mexico. She always wanted to go there so decided ‘what the hell’. When she was there she was bitten by a tarantula and, believe it or not, this put her cancer into remission (for a number of months). I don’t suggest you do this Jay 🙂 but you just never know what this time away can do.


  4. Oh that IS good news.

  5. Amy Thomson says:

    Hurrrah! See you in Melbourne, and maybe New Zealand also!

  6. Kathryn says:

    See you in Melbourne!

  7. Shlomi says:

    Yee hah!!!! Enjoy the trip! And the reprieve, of course.

  8. stevie says:

    Bang goes the ‘bad things happen on Friday the 13th’ hypothesis; this is wonderful news! Have a really great time:

    ‘Thus, though we cannot make our sun
    Stand still, yet we will make him run.’

  9. I’m glad you’re able to take you trip and am hoping that everything turns out well for you.

  10. Fantasmic! I’m so delighted for a spot of good news in the middle of so much shite.

    Rock on!

  11. Cora says:

    I’m very glad to hear this. Enjoy your trip!

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