[links] Link salad goes creeping now through the night and the poison gas

In Their Own Words: British Novelists Collection — Historical BBC interviews with an amazing range of British writers. (Thanks to danjite.)

Period speechLanguage Log on a perennial problem for authors.

Get Fuzzy on the vampires in the sewers — Hahahah.

Embracing the Holy War — An article asserting that Bush 43 kept a lid on Republican Islamophobia. For reasons of both the historical record and personal conviction, I find it difficult to credit Bush with anything worthwhile, much as I find it difficult to credit amoebic dysentery with anything worthwhile, but it’s an interesting thesis in which I reluctantly find some merit.

Obama defends “ground zero mosque” — Like Glenn Greenwald, I at first thought the president was doing the right thing. Oh well. At least he’s still not Bush. Small comfort, that, but comfort it is.

Mosque UprisingIslam and the emerging religious threat to our Constitution. This is disgusting. Japanese Internment in WWII polled well, but that didn’t make it right, and no one but a few conservative loons looks back on that with pride. I can’t even imagine what the Republican theocrats are thinking, calling for religious suppression. It’s their own protections they’re seeking to strip by making religious freedom subject to majority consent. And this from people who pretend to revere the Constitution. (Via Dispatches from the Culture Wars.)

Obama’s Islamic-Center Stance: Why the GOP Shouldn’t Run Against It — Mark Halperin in Time on the same question.

?otD: All these hunters who are shrieking now, oh, do they speak for us?

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One thought on “[links] Link salad goes creeping now through the night and the poison gas

  1. Cora says:

    The depressing thing is that the very same arguments are always trotted out whenever some mob somewhere opposes the building of a mosque.

    1. The mosque in the wrong place. It’s near ground zero/next to the church/in my neighbourhood. With regards to the New York mosque, eligible real estate is not particularly plentiful in Manhattan. So all those who claim to have no issue with mosques, it just shouldn’t be built so close to ground zero should find an alternate location in Manhattan. Surely, Guiliani or someone like that knows of an office building, defunct factory, etc… that could be used instead of the disputed location. But the problem for those people isn’t that the mosque is near ground zero, it’s that it exists period.
    2. It’s too big. With the New York mosque, every article stresses that it’s supposed to be 15 storeys high (which is not particularly notable in New York). With the public opposition against the new mosque in Cologne (organized by a bunch of closet Neonazis), the main argument was that the minarett would be the second highest building in Cologne aside from the Cathedral.
    3. They’re all terrorists anyway. By that reasoning, so are all Christians, since some of them bomb abortion clinics and all Jews, since one of them shot worshippers at a mosque in Israel.
    3. Why build a mosque here, when there are no churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia/Turkey/other muslim country? This argument just illustrates ignorance, because there are churches and synagogues in almost all majorly muslim countries. There might really be none in Saudi Arabia and one country on the Arab peninsula, probably Kuwait, bans the building of church spires (but not churches itself). But all majorly muslim countries still have or once had Christian and Jewish minorities and these minorities have churches and synagogues of their own. They do not build new churches and synagogues in e.g. Turkey, because Turkey already has enough to service its Jewish and Christian minorities. But there are not yet enough mosques to service the muslim population in many western countries. And the mosques there are are often inadequate, e.g. the disputed mosque in Cologne is intended to replace a mosque located in a former warehouse.

    It’s just xenophobia, plain and simple. And IMO Islamophobia is not just on the rise in most Western countries, it is actually a worse problem than Anti-Semitism in the West and has been for at least ten years now. Because genuine Anti-Semitism (and disagreement with the politics of Israel is not Anti-Semitism) is gladly such a fringe belief in the West that anyone who spouts Anti-Semitic crap will have a hard time taken seriously outside his own circle of cranks. Islamophobia, however, is respectable bigotry and frequently embraced by politicians, journalists and other influential people. Which disturbs me deeply.

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