[cancer] A pair of semirandom lists

Some things that irritate me about the cancer experience.

  • Cold, cold hands and numb feet from peripheral neuropathy
  • Irregular sleep
  • Irregular lower GI
  • Emotional jags
  • Screwing up my writing schedule
  • Casting a pall on the future

Some things the cancer experience has granted me.

  • A keen awareness of how much I am loved
  • An opportunity to come to terms with my mortality
  • Renewed sense of priority
  • Heightened awareness of my somatic self
  • Perspective — so much fucking perspective I could mine it and sell it by the long ton

What have the great trials of your life taught you?

3 thoughts on “[cancer] A pair of semirandom lists

  1. While not the great trial of my life, my own peripheral neuropathy (mainly just my left side) has helped me think outside of the box a bit:
    1) A big help for sweaty freezing cold feet is found in those thin socks hikers/hunters wear. The ones designed to wick moisture away from the foot. Wool socks over those wicking socks on very bad days help even more. Most artifical blend socks make the sweating and the cold discomfort worse than going barefoot because they trap the moisture.
    2) Numb feet and awkward gate during extended walking can be lessened with “walking glasses”: glasses with the focal length set for mid-distance, not reading. I found that if I can see where my feet need to go, especially when walking on uneven ground, my brain can better communicate when the damn numb foot has made contact with the ground. Side effect is that I no longer hike with my head down looking at the ground over the bottom part of the trifocals. I actually notice nature’s beauty, and my not only does my hip not hurt after a hike, neither does my neck.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Some things that irritate me about the cancer experience.

    * Exhaustion
    * Cold sensitivity (not only does this make me crazy, but it is so hard to explain to others)
    * Irrational anger

    Some things the cancer experience has granted me.

    * An amazing appreciation of my incredible spouse
    * Learning to ask for help
    * Appreciation of my friends
    * Looking forward to doing things after chemo ends (this I know could bite me later, but I remain hopeful. I will get to Paris one more time, even in a wheelchair!)

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