[cancer] The saucer brought me home, colonoscopy all good

Colonoscopy this morning. The (important) good news, as calendula_witch explains here is that I’m all normal. No polyps, no nothing. I don’t need another one for three years. The (transient) bad news is that I am as fatigued now post-procedurally as I was during some of the worst of chemo. My recovery climbout from sedation or anaesthesia is always much longer than the norm. calendula_witch is here at Nuevo Rancho Lake keeping an eye on me.

9 thoughts on “[cancer] The saucer brought me home, colonoscopy all good

  1. Kayt says:

    Fantastic news, Jay! Glad the aliens returned you with only minor spaceship-lag, too! Recover well from the snooze-juice.

  2. pelican says:

    Yay! That is excellent news!

  3. Gordon says:


    Did the aliens leave you with and implanted false memories?

    1. Jay says:

      False? Moi?

  4. Alexis says:

    Great news, except for the fatigue!

  5. Blake Hutchins says:

    That’s awesome news, Jay. Congratulations on a clean UFO ream.

  6. Jan says:

    That is great news – congrats!

    I stopped myself from telling you, prior to yours, that when I had my colonoscopy (I have colitis) it was getting close to the end of December and the doctor was in a rush to get it done so he could get to a Xmas party so did not sedate me properly. I felt every little bit of it and it hurt like HELL!! I was in so much pain even the nurse was in tears.

    Such good news – you are on the road to recovery.


  7. Cora says:

    Glad to hear that everything went well. And don’t worry too much about the fatigue, that will be temporary.

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