[cancer] Home from the hospital

Home from the hospital, pretty whacked out on painkillers at the moment. More from me later when time and mental acuity permit.

For now, I leave you with this one Important Safety Tip: Do not under any circumstances get the dry heaves whilst enjoying fresh abdominal sutures. Just sayin’.

Remember, here at this blog we try out new life experiences so you don’t have to!

And it’s good to be back.

10 thoughts on “[cancer] Home from the hospital

  1. Squeee! It’s alive. ALIVE! Glad to have you back, Jay.

  2. Kathryn says:

    Hiccups. No Hiccups.

  3. Carmelo Rafala says:

    And for God’s sake, don’t bend down to pick up your socks.

  4. Laurie Mann says:

    A coughing fit is bad too.

    Great to hear you’re home!

  5. Martyn says:

    Great to hear your through you latest ordeal. My thoughts are with you and I’m hoping that the results are good. Keep away from anything that may make you sneeze. Had a hernia once and nearly passed out when I sneezed without warning. Sure as hell made all my mates crack up laughting though 🙂

  6. Stevo Darkly says:

    Rest easy, sir.

    Also to be avoided: Watching Monty Python clips, or anything that induces LOLs for you, until the stitches heal a bit.

  7. Leon says:

    Good to have you back. Get strong again.

  8. Tessa Silberbauer says:

    Welcome home, sir, and I hope you recover quickly. Aided and abetted by avoiding sneezes – no pepper – among the wise advice above. Also I had the TP in front of the loo for a long time. (sorry if TMI)
    I hope your news is good.

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