[cancer] Flipping the bone yoyo

Some very big news last night. No chemo forthcoming after all. I’m blitzed right now: taking oral Dilaudid post-operatively, seriously insomniac, and on day eight of a lower GI shutdown. My ability to assemble a cogent commentary, let alone the relevant thank yous to one and all, is well beyond my current grasp.

Nonetheless, well…

This is huge.

Cancer is much, much bigger than me. It’s quite possibly the thing that will take my life some day. After all, something has to. But this cancer will not take me now, or soon. It’s much bigger than me and everyone around me, but we have beaten it. As we would have beaten it even if I’d been locked into the chemo chair for another six months.

In the mean time, I have this liver surgery to get over. It’s simultaneously the most and least complex of my cancer surgeries, depending on how I choose to look at all this. I need to stabilize my sleep. I need to get my lower GI restarted or I risk being back in the hospital soon. I have lots of things to talk about here on the blog, a book or two to get back to writing. And, well, life.

In this life, the cancer gods have let me walk free a while longer. Excuse me while I go laugh in the sunlight with calendula_witch, the_child and everyone who loves me.

27 thoughts on “[cancer] Flipping the bone yoyo

  1. deborahb says:

    Wow!! Wonderful, wonderful.

  2. GlennS says:

    Damn, but that’s a good way to start a Thursday, hearing that there’s yet another person who’s given the Big Casino the boid and lived to tell. (Thyroid, 2005.)

    May you live as long as you want to,
    and want to as long as you live.
    And when you’re done living,
    may you be in heaven half an hour
    before the devil knows you’re dead!

    — Irish blessing

    And if you didn’t go laugh with your people for a bit, I suspect there’d be a long line of folks who’d kick your but… so go! We’ll wait. 🙂

    (Here via Cheryl Morgan, but first heard of you via Mary Robinette Kowal, who read your stuff at OryCon last.)

  3. Jim Crider says:

    Sometimes, you just win.


  4. Leon says:

    Hells yeah. Awesome news, Jay.

    Let’s here it for the good guys at last.

  5. Wonderful news! By all means, enjoy the sunshine with your loved ones! There couldn’t be a better way to celebrate.

  6. Very glad to read this news, Jay! Enjoy the sunshine.

  7. Patricia W. says:

    I am unbelievably happy for you! We cancer survivors {renal and uterine for me} know what it is like to deal with the Big C and also know what it is like to be told “No, this isn’t a cancer recurrence.”

  8. MG Ellington says:

    This is the best news I may hear in five years to come. I am so very happy for you, your family, and friends.

  9. So glad to hear you are winning this battle. Hoping you a speedy recovery. 🙂

  10. Drax says:

    Fuckin’ A. This is exceptional news that I am so happy to read. My mom died a month ago, complications of the big Casino. Thank you, Jay. Fucking rock on. Thank you.

    1. Jay says:

      I am sorry to hear about your mother’s passing.

  11. Barbara Neighbors Deal says:


    Jay, I’m so happy for you, with you!


  12. Alex J. Kane says:

    Drax said it well: Fucking rock on.

  13. Blunt says:

    I’ve been thinking it was time for some really good news.

  14. Summer says:

    Woot! Jay, I’m elated to hear this news! Go enjoy that sunshine – and best of luck to you on a very speedy recovery!

  15. Alex DM says:

    Fantastic news!

  16. pdxNat says:

    Congratulations Jay! As a fan and a son who’s seen cancer win, I am overjoyed by your good news!!! Very happy for you and your family! Thanks for sharing and best of luck!

  17. Enjoy the sunshine, friend. And dance as long as you want. I did hear dancing can be good for the GI…just saying.

  18. Laurie Mann says:

    Excellent!!!! (well, except the for lower GI thing, but talk about your lesser of many evils)

  19. Matte Lozenge says:

    Once again you exceed expectations. Well done, sir. Godspeed and felicitations.

    Yogurt with live cultures for GI tract restart? Just a thought. http://aboutyogurt.com/index.asp?bid=21

  20. Cora says:

    That’s wonderful news. I’m so happy for you and your family.

  21. You fucked cancer in this big contest 🙂

  22. Ulysses says:

    I’m very happy for you! Congratulations, and may your coming years be many, long and painless.

  23. matt says:

    Simply fantastic.

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