[cancer] Post-operative followup and what comes next

Today calendula_witch and I met with the surgical oncologist for a post-operative followup. In summary, everything is fine. In detail…

The lesion that was believed to be a colon cancer metastasis was in fact a “mild steatosis, negative for malignancy”. Which is to say a fat deposit with no cancer cells lurking within. We talked about why it presented on the scans as a metastasis, but there’s no solid answers to that. I know the surgeon was uncomfortable with having resected what they characterized as a perfectly healthy liver, but there was no real alternative given what we believed at the time. From my perspective, I’ve traded nine months of chemotherapy and recovery time for four weeks of surgery and post-op recovery.

We talked about the sense of relief I feel, like a reprieve from prison. They were very sympathetic.

The surprise of the day was when I looked at the surgical pathology report and found that my gall bladder had been removed. I don’t recall discussing the gall bladder pre-operatively, nor was it mentioned after the fact. the surgical oncologist looked embarrassed and said, “sometimes I forget to tell people that”. Apparently this is routine for a liver resectioning. So, no more gall for me.

I have a follow-up CT scan on 10/25, along with an appointment with my medical oncologist that day to put a wrap on this episode and establish my future monitoring plan. I have a final appointment with the surgical oncologist in February to clear me post-operatively.

And that is about it. Now I can go on with my life. At least for a while longer.

9 thoughts on “[cancer] Post-operative followup and what comes next

  1. Grant K says:

    This is really good news.

  2. Anima says:


    My father just received similar news this past week about his bladder. It’s gone, but it contained nothing cancerous-looking.

  3. Earl Cooley III says:

    Another thing that sometimes gets removed when they’re digging around in people is the appendix.

  4. Jan says:

    I’m so happy to hear of your news Jay!

    I had all my female organs out just over a year ago and found out just as I was being walked into surgery that one female organ I thought I was keeping was going – what do you do huh?!

    So sweetie you are on the 5 year plan – as I am. I have a follow up every 3 months.

    If I have learned anything is to try and live in the present and allow myself to be scared only the day of the follow-up appointment.

    So So happy for you Jay, and all your family.


    1. Jay says:

      Yeah, those follow ups are spooky bastards…

  5. Alex J. Kane says:

    This report sounds excellent.

  6. Douglas Lain says:

    What a relief! So glad to hear this news. Very glad. Since they were taking organs out of you willy nilly the question arises, Did they put anything in you that they forgot to tell you about? If you hear classic rock emanating from your sphincter late at night sue the bastards.

  7. When my wife Hilde had her gall bladder out, the surgeon took Polaroids and proudly showed them off to me in the waiting room.

    “Gee, Doc, thanks a — bleccchhh — lot.”

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