[personal|cancer] Worn, very worn

Even though I went to bed at a decent hour, it was a miserable night. Unexpectedly startled awake around 11:30 (not my usual behavior), did not get back to sleep until after 2:30. My oncology appointments start at 10:00 this morning, and stretch over about five hours, so I have picked a doozy of a day to be drastically underslept. It’s not like I can just skip them, or roll over and sleep a few more hours. To add to my joy, I am terrified of what they might find. And once that’s all concluded, I am off to the hospital again to see my mom. (A different hospital than mine, most of the way across town.)

In other news, we have made the decision that my mother will come to my house on discharge from the hospital. The physical layout and logistics here are much friendlier to her post-operative mobility impairment and other needs than her own place. Once she’s a little firmer on her feet, she’ll go back home. She should be here either tomorrow or Wednesday. This means blogging may be highly irregular this week, as I will be primary caregiver through at least Friday.

In other other news, I managed to write a first draft of a short story yesterday, which has received good preliminary response from the editor.

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  1. John Stevens says:

    Fortitudinous: see Jay Lake.

    Sending all the good vibes I can muster your way, sir.

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