[personal] Anonymity in comments

A somewhat snarky comment here on my post about frequent flier status.

I don’t object in the least to snarky comments, I don’t object in the least to critical comments, but I do have a mild objection to unsigned snark or criticism. By which I don’t mean everybody should have an LJ handle or blog ID, but posting such comments anonymously is a lot like sniping from cover.

Also, the commenter’s logic is rather flawed. I really don’t buy that spending a year being treated for cancer is functionally or socially equivalent to choosing to spend a year caring for a child. For one thing, there’s that whole voluntary/involuntary thing.

2 thoughts on “[personal] Anonymity in comments

  1. Jan says:

    Anyone who has gone through cancer, cancer surgery and treatment would be offended my this.

    This is someone who has no concept – let them try to walk in the shoes of someone who has had – or has cancer – and then make those remarks.



  2. Anonymous comments and unnamed sources are great ways for people, including journalists, to take shots at public figures. Personally, that approach smacks of cowardice. If you don’t have the guts to put your name out there and deal with what happens, don’t make a public comment.
    With respect to cancer, my mom went through four-plus years of treatment–including several major surgeries–before losing her battle with breast cancer. The treatments were extremely painful.
    I fail to find any similarity to battling cancer and raising a child.

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