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Tales for Canterbury

New Zealand’s Christchurch experienced a debilitating earthquake on February 22, 2011. Since then, editors Cassie Hart and Anna Caro have done an amazing job of pulling together Tales for Canterbury, a fundraising anthology to benefit the victims of the earthquake, with all proceeds going to the New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake Appeal.

The line up contains a variety of authors and a fantastic blend of stories, all of which focus primarily on the themes of survival and hope. Authors include Brenda Cooper, Neil Gaiman, Gwyneth Jones, Jeff Vandermeer, Sean Williams, and me, among others. Here’s the full list of contributors.

Tales for Canterbury is now available for pre-order as an ebook (in pdf, mobi, and epub format) and as a paperback. It should be published in April, so you won’t have long to wait for it. For more information, see the anthology’s blog.

2 thoughts on “[books|publishing] Tales for Canterbury

  1. Daniel Spector says:

    Though it is likely to be unreported in the US, Christchurch has yet to stop shaking.

    Last Tuesday, they were rattling up to 5.0 for nearly 13 hours, on and off, on and off. People are badly frayed, the city is falling apart.

    1. Jay says:

      That’s a pretty bizarre earthquake pattern, isn’t it?

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