[travel|conventions] Upcoming schedule

Several folks have asked about my upcoming travel schedule, including appearances, availability, and the possibility of open dinners.

As I currently understand it, here’s the balance of my 2011 schedule.

4/3-4/6 Omaha, NE for Day Jobbery Omaha Beach Party Wednesday 4/6, which is an open event; query me for details

4/7-4/10 Austin, TX for the Paradise Lost Writers Conference A dinner with limited open seating Friday 4/8; query me for details

4/19 Portland, OR, for the SFWA Reading Series Open event at McMenamin’s Kennedy School

4/21-4/24 Seattle, WA for Norwescon (Seatac, actually) Convention!

5/1-5/4 Las Vegas, NV for Day Jobbe trade show Will schedule an open dinner if there’s interest

5/9-5/13 Omaha, NE for Day Jobbery (not yet confirmed) Omaha Beach Party Wednesday 5/11, which is an open event; query me for details

5/15-5/23 Taos, NM for Rio Hondo No open events that week

5/27-5/30 Dearborn, MI for World Steam Expo (not yet confirmed) Convention!

6/4 Portland, OR for JayCon XI Open party to celebrate the 11th anniversary of my 37th birthday

6/5-6/7 Seattle, WA for a University Books reading the evening of 6/6 Open event

7/14-7/17 Burlington, MA for Readercon (not yet confirmed) Convention!

7/22-7/24 Portland, OR for PDX GEAR Con Convention!

8/17-8/12 Reno, NV for WorldCon Convention!

9/5-9/12 Chattanooga, TN for a writer’s retreat (not yet confirmed) No open events that week (this may change)

9/16-9/18 Redmond, WA for Foolscap (not yet confirmed) Convention!

10/9-10/15 Martha’s Vineyard, MA for Viable Paradise No open events that week

10/21-10/23 Surrey, BC for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference Conference!

10/27-10/30 San Diego, CA for World Fantasy Convention Convention!

11/11-11/13 Portland, OR for OryCon (not yet confirmed) Convention!


  • Everything on the schedule after JayCon XI is subject to cancellation should I go back into cancer treatment based on my April scans
  • There will be trips to Omaha every five to seven weeks
  • There will be additional Day Jobbe trips which I may or may not announce Open Dinners for
  • I may add one or two more conventions to my fall schedule
  • If you’d like me at your event and don’t see it listed here, let me know; I’m happy to discuss the possibility

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  1. Rick York says:

    What time is the 19th April SFWA event at the Kennedy School?


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