[personal] Slipping through the week

Workie bits yesterday, and a day off from writing. I read some of more of J.A. Pitts’ Honeyed Words, did a bunch of homework supervision and assistance with [info]the_child, and had a social evening.

Today it’s more Day Jobbery, lunch with my parents, another hospital visit, more homework, and a bit more socializing. Plus I’ll jimmy in an hour or so of writing/WRPA.

The weekend will be full. I’m involved with [info]the_child all day Saturday, including the first lacrosse game of the season. Sunday I’m off to Omaha, where, weather permitting, there will be hot air ballooning late Sunday afternoon or possibly a day or two later. Thursday I head from Omaha to Austin for Paradise Lost, then home the following Sunday night.

Also, it’s just about last call for questions to be included in the reader interview with me [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]. I’ll be answering them over the weekend.

Got plans?