[travel|personal] Home in the dark

Had a very nice morning yesterday. We wrapped the Paradise Lost conference, went out to lunch at Mangia pizza where we were joined by my friend @JDHancock and his family. Then off to the airport. I got some revision and WRPA done on the way home, and have one more short fiction commitment to address before I can get back to Kalimpura. I also finished reading J.A. Pitts’ untitled third Sarah Beauhall book in manuscript, and read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Anne Shaffer and Annie Barrows, which was stupidly charming and quite moving at the very same time. An thanks to some luck in making a standby flight, I got home at a decent hour instead of a horrid one last night. Still up a little later than ideal, but today will not be a disaster zone.

My luggage, however, did not make the standby flight, and remained at LAX when I flew home. I declined to accept a 1 am delivery, so I should see it sometime later this morning. Luckily I am home, so there’s nothing in the bags I need so badly it couldn’t wait overnight.

[info]tillyjane picked me up at the airport, and we talked about the death from cancer last week of our mutual friend as she drove me home. That was a moving conversation. Due to the vagaries of my travel schedule, I missed all of the memorial gatherings that took place over the weekend.

I still owe a post about last week’s ballooning attempt, and probably some kind of wrap-up on Paradise Lost. But I’m running tight for time this morning, so they shall have to wait for another day.