[cancer|writing] Bill Grim’s progress

Scan today. Oddly enough, I slept ok last night. A little more interrupted than usual, but still otherwise as deeply and as long as (the recent) normal.

However, my writing brain went into vapor lock yesterday. I puttered around with a little WRPA for about fifteen minutes, then accepted that cancer stress was eating my focus and gave up.

I’ll be out mid-morning with the scan, then home again. I’m not taking the day off work, mostly because sitting around doing not much won’t improve anything for me.

And I’m honestly not sure how I’ll feel after the scan. As I’ve noted previously, I tend to fixate on the scan as being the inflection point of my stress, but the reality is that Monday’s oncology consult is where all the fireworks is or isn’t. Maybe I’ll be able to write this afternoon and maybe I won’t. At this point, I’m preparing myself to be utterly useless through Monday, but not planning on it.

I am staying busy. Lot of Dad time for this afternoon/evening as [info]the_child deals with her turn at being an opera star. Tomorrow evening is the opera itself. Saturday we have lacrosse, an away game. Far away. Sunday I am cooking momos for family and friends. Monday, well, Monday is Monday.

And today is today.

3 thoughts on “[cancer|writing] Bill Grim’s progress

  1. Colleen Lindsay says:

    I will be thinking good thoughts for you today, sir. Good luck!

  2. Cora says:

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  3. MLE says:

    And you are the walrus… oxo

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