[personal|cancer] Readings, colds and conventions, with a side of heavy PETting

I have woken up with what appears to be the leading edge of a cold. Upper respiratory crud, at a minimum. Which could be allergies, but those do not generally plague me so much.

This is of course a delight to my body and a balm to my heart, as tomorrow I am going to Norwescon. Thanks to cancer, that will be my last major writing event/convention of the year. Spending the weekend in dripping misery will be a lovely grace note on the part of the universe, just a little extra “screw you” to the utter derailing of my life that is currently going on.

I’m also concerned that having a cold will screw up the PET scan I’m scheduled for today. (This is the giant radioactive spider test, as previously described here.) I’ll be calling the nuclear medicine folks once they turn on the lights up the hill there.

In other news, last night’s inaugural session of the SFWA Pacific Northwest Reading Series went well. I enjoyed myself, as the audience appeared to. My basic advice to any of you is never follow Brent Weeks at a reading. He’s charming as heck, a great writer, and a great reader. I was the sandwich in the middle, with the always delightful Kay Kenyon closing us out.

Today, workie bits, then the PET scan, then packing for Norwescon. I’ll hit the road tomorrow morning. See some, all or none of you there.