[travel] My forthcoming schedule, revised

Well, cancer has changed everything. Again. Here’s the balance of my 2011 schedule.

5/1-5/4 Las Vegas, NV for Day Jobbe trade show Will schedule an open dinner if there’s interest

5/5-5/8 Kauai, HI Vacationing with [info]the_child

6/4 Portland, OR for JayCon XI Open party to celebrate the 11th anniversary of my 37th birthday, and my life even under the siege of cancer

6/5-6/7 Seattle, WA for a University Books reading the evening of 6/6 Open event

7/14-7/17 Burlington, MA for Readercon (depending on my surgery schedule) Convention!

7/22-7/24 Portland, OR for PDX GEAR Con (depending on my surgery schedule) Convention!

8/17-8/12 Reno, NV for WorldCon (depending on my surgery schedule) Convention!

4 thoughts on “[travel] My forthcoming schedule, revised

  1. Laurie Mann says:

    We’re glad to see that Renovation is still a possibility for you!

  2. Sandra Tayler says:

    I hope you do get to Renovation. Howard and I would love the chance to see you again. Sending good thoughts your way.

  3. EC says:

    Glad that Readercon may still be on the schedule.

    If you have use for yet another car+cellphone-enabled gofer at & around Readercon, I volunteer. My partner and I live not far away & he works in Burlington quite near the con hotel, so we’re in Burlington a lot and decently familiar with the neighborhood.

    I know I’ve been to cons where luggage space gets tight either coming or going. If there’s anything we can pick up locally in advance or help ship so you don’t have to pack it to &/ fro, we can do that too, within reason & possibility. (Elephants I have no idea how to deal with. Dancing girls will likely require good advance notice and the kindness of friends with better connections than I.)

    Hoping you get to as many of the events listed as your evolving schedule allows and have a good time at them all!

    1. Jay says:

      Thank you. I’ll know fairly soon if I’m going to try this or not. I will let you know!

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