[cancer] Quick updates

Saw the dentist yesterday to have my teeth cleaned and checked. That’s strongly discouraged while on chemotherapy due to bleeding, infection risk and mouth sensitivities. Tattoo artist tomorrow (also discouraged while on chemo), therapist Friday (encouraged while on chemo).

Today I see my surgical oncologist to discuss the plan for dealing directly with the tumor in the right lobe of my liver. He’ll either confirm what my medical oncologist proposed, or offer a different course. That in turn will determine my treatment schedule and so forth.

Spent a lot of yesterday evening making plans of various sorts for caregiving and logistics during chemotherapy. I certainly know how to do this now. Some kinds of expertise are discouraging to have acquired. I continue to be very lucky in my friends.

Also, received a well-meaning but moronically insensitive voicemail last night that badly blew up my already tenuous emotional balance. That pretty much screwed up the end of my evening and sent me to bed in a deep funk. Thankfully I seem to have shaken off my depression overnight.

And for some reason my liver aches this morning. I’m 95% certain this is psychosomatic, as I don’t believe the tumor is large enough for me to feel it directly, but still that is discouraging.

This is only the beginning.

3 thoughts on “[cancer] Quick updates

  1. Deboree says:

    Take care of yourself, Jay. My thoughts are with you.

  2. EC says:

    Dang, I hate when that happens! Voicemail, a comment, a polite question to move the conversation along…words spoken by someone in a few minutes that end up blindsiding me for hours or even, in recurring memory, for parts of years, way beyond the amount of thought the speaker likely put behind them, or the effect, if any, the speaker meant them to have. (Or so I tell myself. Sometimes it even works.)

    That’s one reason I haven’t commented or said much. I don’t want to say anything trite or stupid or thoughtlessly derailing-even-for-a-moment, not that I feel I have the power to do much worse than be trite or stupid. But saying nothing at all may be as rude as saying the wrong thing, and trite isn’t so bad sometimes.

    So I’ll come out and say I’m here and I care, not only about the medical stuff but also about other parts of life. I’d like to be part of that army of fans &/ friends around the world who are all rooting for you and your family and friends, and whom you can count on.


    1. Jay says:

      Thank you, Elsa. It’s good.

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