[links] Link salad is a Gemini doing Cancer

A reader reacts to Green — Among other reviews. I’m not sure if they liked it or not.

Guest Blog: Lauren Beukes on Writing the Other — Good for her. I sure hope Lauren fares well with making this point, as talking about this is decidedly playing with fire.

At and Around the Con: A Guide for Horrifying Baboons [info]nihilistic_kid is wise.

Savoring — Ta-Nehisi Coates on reading.

Problem Competition: Who is Worse Off? — Amy Sundberg with more on problems.

Flashback post: “What’s the score?” — Slacktivist Fred Clark with a (re)post on Terry Schiavo and “red facts” vs “blue facts”, still very much germane to the current political and media discourse.

Guns at home more likely to be used stupidly than in self-defense — Also, this just in, water is wet. Yes, Sparky, your theoretical defense of essential liberties is still more important than the 14,000 or so gun deaths per year. In four decades of gun ownership over half a million people will be killed so you can sleep more soundly at night! The Constitution says so.

After-birthers running through the fever swampsAnd that belief lies in their fundamental, bedrock definition of what constitutes a Real American — a white, Christian conservative. There’s no way they will ever be able to reconcile the idea that a black Democrat could legitimately represent a majority the American people. Clearly, they will rewrite history and the constitution if they have to in order to make that case.

Birth Certificate just Jim Crow all Over Again — The strong link between birtherism and the Jim Crow states. No racism here, nope, nosirree Bob. I’m pretty sure that birtherism would also map well to evolution denialism, which just reinforces my long-held point about how legitimizing magical thinking just leads to more magical thinking. Gosh, realworld consequences to conservative delusions?

?otD: What’s your sign?

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4 thoughts on “[links] Link salad is a Gemini doing Cancer

  1. Bark says:

    I’m sure baseball bats provide a greater health risk than benefit under these criteria, too. That is: ignore what happens when the baseball bat leaves the home, and the reason many folks own them (to play baseball).

    I am trying to disassociate myself from this article because it’s not “about me”, really. I don’t own a gun for defense. I own one to acquire meat. But these titles don’t do fans of gun control any favors. I’m pretty pro-control for a gun owner, but this kind of thing — lumping me in with idiots in your article title — always grates on me.

    My gun so far has done nothing but benefit my health. Go ahead and rag on untrained people buying guns out of fear. Be my guest. I will help you. But man that’s a hard pill to swallow when you then go off on “gun owners”.

    1. Jay says:

      I believe you when you say you’re a responsible gun owner. (And for what it’s worth, I have extensive firearms training myself, I do not approach this issue from a position of either fear or ignorance.) But what happens when even a responsible gun owner’s firearm is picked up by someone else out of curiosity or in the heat of the moment? A baseball bat may be dangerous, but it is neither designed for killing nor generally used for such. It has a far greater social utility. Likewise automobiles, frying pans, drain cleaner or any other potentially deadly household item you care to name. Guns, by both design and psychology, serve one purpose and one purpose only.

      1. Bark says:

        We certainly agree there.

        The bat is a bad analogy, I was irritated. My apologies. And shouldn’t ramble on in your comments, anyway.

        I keep my gun in one locked cabinet and ammo in the other. The variety of rifle that I shoot actually comes apart, so I keep mine that way (also it’s nice to give it a clean before you shoot it after a period of rest). I agree with you about the dangers of the heat of the moment. Or unexpected houseguests, particularly children. The defense argument doesn’t work for me because keeping a loaded gun around is asking for way, way, way too much trouble. That’s part of why I hate being lumped in with the folks that use it.

        1. Jay says:

          It’s good. No worries.

          And not to pick a further argument, but I want to float a couple of things by you on this topic.

          I get kind weird about the defense argument for similar reasons. I *am* a good shot and know how to handle a firearm, but anyone’s most likely home defense scenario involves waking up to hearing someone in the house. The notion that sleepy, panicked me is going to get the drop on someone already wired on adrenaline and/or street drugs who is looking for trouble is laughable.

          The common notion of an armed home invasion that you can see coming and prepare for is quite rare. (These statistics are tough because anyone wanting to make a case for private gun ownership includes all burglaries in the category of home invasion. The vast majority of criminals have zero desire to encounter you or I in the pursuit of their labors.)

          All that being said, I stand by my statement, that in four decades of an adult’s lifetime gun ownership, half a million people will die by firearms. I simply cannot see how that is a social good worth sustaining. Are your guns worth half a million lives to you? Are anyone’s guns worth that cost to all of us? I’ve met very, very few gun owners who will concede that the firearms death rate is tied to the wide availability of firearms. And the rationalizations to avoid that point can be astonishing. Which is like car owners not conceding that automobiles are tied to point source pollution. It’s a logically untenable and morally bankrupt position that people hold to avoid feeling guilty about their passions.

          I know it’s in the Constitution, but so was slavery once, and we got rid of the that. The Constitution is an adaptable document, and on this one I think it’s dead wrong.

          I also find the argument that if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns to be both facile and irritating. The first rule of holes is when you’re in one, stop digging. Saying there are too many guns to control them now is to surrender to the problem rather than address it.

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