[cancer|photos] Chemotherapy session 1, day 3 – FOLFIRI

A fairly quiet day yesterday. Several bouts of nausea, though nothing came up. Or went out the other end. I’m now over seventy-two hours without any lower GI production, and as a result have almost completely stopped eating. I’ve also lost ten pounds in three days without passing anything. (Yes, I have been medicating appropriately — this is not a call for advice.)

The pump ran out almost three hours earlier than expected. [info]mlerules, my Mom and [info]the_child worked together to unhook me. Mostly I sat around and vegetated.

We did work up a small ritual, burning a piece of paper that read 1/12 to symbolize the first of 12 chemotherapy sessions. This morning I feel nauseous again, but very much need to eat. However, I cannot eat until the lower GI moves.

A few photos, under cut for minor medical TMI:











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    Thinking loving thoughts @ ya, Jay!

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