[cancer|personal] More fun post-chemo

Yesterday I worked a more-or-less normal day of Day Jobbery. Then I made an afternoon lunch with [info]scalzi, [info]maryrobinette, [info]maclark2005 and some of the nice folks from Macmillan, Powell’s and the local media. That was rather nice, as I got more calories in two hours there than I’d had the previous three days.

Jay Lake and John Scalzi at lunch in Portland OR

After that, I stumbled home and wrapped the galley edits of Endurance, enjoyed a visit from [info]lillypond (a/k/a my sister) and the Niece, who came bearing home electronics. Then I helped [info]the_child with some of her homework.

Chemo detail under cut for digestive TMI

I will also say that after an eighty-four hour lower GI shutdown, when it restarts, lots of things tend to happen. FOLFIRI is supposed to produce excessive lower GI activity, but as mentioned before, the intersection with Vicodin kind of screwed things up. A better way to put it might be to say that things were saved up for later.

At any rate, I seem to have settled overnight. Hopefully today will be pretty normal.

One damned thing after another, this cancer stuff.

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  1. Tell FOLFIRI that I order it to be respectful of your comfort. Tell it that I’m not above physical violence. (It’s never seen me, so it might actually be cowed.)

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