[cancer] Day three, post-chemo session one

Slept okay. Weird dreams of being locked in a resort in Buenos Aires with my father, as part of a parapsychology experiment. Woke up feeling mentally and physically more-or-less normal, but the nausea started again about 35-40 minutes later, so I’ve taken a compazine. My head remains clear.

I’m not sure about this recurrent nausea. That’s not even supposed to be on the list of major side effects for FOLFIRI, as I understand it. On the other hand, I know I’m in a vicious circle of nausea->loss of appetite->undereating->nausea. Look at my weight over the past five days.

So where possible I’ve allowed myself off my prescribed diet in favor of foods that attract me, but I think I’m still getting less than a 1,000 calories a day right now. I really need to get back on to something more like a normal eating habit.

It’s just so hard to make myself want to eat.

One thought on “[cancer] Day three, post-chemo session one

  1. I wish I had a good food suggestion; the only thing I ever feel like eating when I’m nauseous is Cheerios or toast with maybe a little butter.

    Too bad the parapsychology dream didn’t include a clue about what to eat.

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