[cancer] Chemo session two, day one

I am now going through day two of session two, here at home with the portable infusion pump dangling on a strap around my neck. Very chic, I tell you.

Elizabeth Stephan has come to be my primary caregiver this weekend. It’s a lot to ask, and I’m very glad she’s here. She and [info]the_child have been doing wonderful job. So far they’ve been spared the miracle of vomiting, unlike what poor [info]mlerules had to deal with last session.

Chemo yesterday was pretty uneventful. Exactly how I want it. My oncologists switched up my meds to give me a stronger anti-nausea drug. It happens to also an anti-schizophrenic drug with a wide-ranging list of potential side effects, so they’re keeping a close on me.

Not moving around much today, as generally is the case when I am on the pump. If it gets a little warmer and dryer I’ll go walk. For now, I lay low.