[cancer] Chemo session two, day three

Thankfully this chemo was a lot less eventful than the last. Lower GI has been unusually silent, which means a rough ride today or tomorrow once things get moving, but more to the point upper GI has been quiescent. One round of serious nausea, which I rode out, and no vomiting.

Plus lots of company, with my special thanks to Elizabeth Stephan. She, [info]mlerules and [info]the_child staged an impromptu post-needle momo party yesterday afternoon, at which I ate shamefully off my diet.

Like a lot you reading this, I am laying low today. My one ambition is to make progress on my nonfiction project. Otherwise it’s reading time if my brain can focus, DVD time otherwise.

Be well, do good, and pause this Memorial Day to honor the fallen and all of those who served.