[cancer] And so it goes

This post-chemo week has been a lot less stressful than the week following session one. That is entirely up to good nausea control. I’m on the new meds (Zyprexa) during the chemo cycle, and I’m being smarter about my eating. I did screw up a little yesterday morning, as I simply wasn’t hungry and thus skimped on breakfast. The several days previously I’d been eating a high-protein breakfast consisting of a one-egg omelet with cheese, olives and bacon. (Ever since cutting way back on the carbs, I’ve been craving protein like a madman.) Yesterday I ate lightly, and spent the morning balancing mild nausea, and once, a severe bout, until I’d gotten stabilized again.

Okay, lesson learned. Egg on the stove shortly from now.

However, for the past two days the lovely and talented [info]zellandyne has been visiting, and she is something of an expert in alternative forms of cookery. We popped by Bob’s Red Mill yesterday — the company outlet and showroom is <5 minutes drive from my house — and scored some almond flour and some coconut flour. Last night Irish soda bread was made. Serious yum. So this morning I'm going to try to whip up some scratch biscuits using a mix of the two flours, to see if I can have something with my egg that doesn't involve wheat flour. Otherwise continuing to struggle with intermittent fatigue, which became overwhelming at a couple of points yesterday. I expect to be fairly perky for the JayCon festivities, which actually begin today with a small gathering before spilling over into the weekend and the week following. Out-of-town friends are arriving today. Tomorrow ought to be quite something. And of course, the hair loss. I've lost more than half my scalp hair in the past two days. My beard is making the old college try as well. I may be bald by the end of the weekend. IMG_1315

It’s a weird feeling, having the hair just come off as I shower, as I brush, as I touch it. There’s something deeply disturbing about that. Yet at the same time, I seem to be accepting this as a part of the chemo process. It hasn’t been emotionally triggering, for example. Though I do very much miss my real hair.

And so it goes.

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2 thoughts on “[cancer] And so it goes

  1. ebear says:

    Glad to hear you’re meeting the lower-carb situation with your usual creativity and lateral thinking.

    Also, you know. Thinking of you.

  2. I have a lovely magenta bob wig (ala “Run Lola Run”) that would look smashing on you!

    Looking so forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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