[cancer] Catching up to the side effects

The thrill ride continues unabated hereabouts. After the hair debacle of last week, my intimate body hair decided to exit for points elsewhere. Certain regions are slicker and smoother than they’ve been since I was about 11 or so. My beard has been making threats as well, but so far hair emigration there has amounted to sporadic thinning. I still have the decorative yet pointless hair on my arms and legs. Wondering when the eyelashes are going to make a bid for independence, though.

In other news, I am growing a fine crop of pimples. As [info]the_child said, “Dad, dude, you’re going through puberty again. Bummer!” Or possibly puberty in reverse, but I declined to discuss that with her.

Digestion is more or less behaving, but at this point in the two-week cycle, that’s to be reasonably hoped for. I expect the next couple of days to go fairly well. [info]scarlettina arrives Thursday evening to take on ChemoJay management, lucky her. She’ll get to see me perky and going, then slip right back beneath the fog.

Ah, chemo. It’s like growing decades older in mere hours.