[cancer] Chemo session three, day one

Thursday night I took the new drug regimen of Zyprexa plus Lorazepam. This was because while I’d been on Zyprexa for nausea control during session two, the medication succeeded but had the side effects of making me irritable as well as a strange combination of very drowsy and quite sleepless. Apparently the two together are a double whammy on sleep. I slept twenty hours between 9 pm Thursday night and 4 am this morning, and drowsed or dozed much of the time I was awake. Freaky and frustrating, to say the least, but it seems to have gotten me over the worst of the chemo hump, including very minimal nausea.

Frankly, I feel better this morning while on the pump than I maybe ever had. My mental acuity and fine motor control are off, judging by the high rate of typos while blogging this morning, but that’s part of chemo.

One of the low points yesterday was a borderline crankygram from someone who really should have known better. Hey, people, while I’m on chemo, really, is not the time to initiate or resume discussions your issues with me. For that matter, neither is it time to initiate or resume discussions of good stuff with me. I am not thinking straight.

Spending the weekend at my parents’ house as none of my rota of primary caregivers was available for the last minute reschedule necessitated by the bump in my chemo schedule. I’ll probably be back at Nuevo Ranch Lake on Sunday morning. There are recreational activities planned today that involve my head. Photos should be forthcoming. Meanwhile, I continue fuzzy and muzzy.

Be well.