[conventions] Buzzing through the Locus Awards

I rode up to Seattle yesterday with the inestimable Simone Cooper, who went rather out of her way to deliver me unto chez [info]scarlettina. [info]scarlettina in turn fed me and delivered me unto the Locus Awards venue, whereat I greeted and meeted with a number of old friends and new, including about half of this year’s Clarion West class.

It was funny being there. A lot of people literally didn’t recognize me without my hair and beard.

Plus I was being ultra low energy, an 8 pm party being decidedly on the wrong end of my chemotherapy energy curve. Still, it was good.

Breakfast later this morning with [info]bravado111, a/k/a noted urban fantasy author J.A. Pitts, then I shall spend the day at the Locus Awards. Likely I’ll be in the lobby or the bar if you’re looking for me prior to the banquet.

But for now, time to work on Kalimpura.

Write more, be well, see you around the joint.

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