[cancer] Off to see the lizard

Heading over to the infusion center this morning to have my port accessed. That’s the bit where I sit in a big chair and a nice chemo nurse slides a three-quarter-inch-long needle through the skin of my chest and into my Harkonnen heart plug. It’s very entertaining, I can assure you.

Once we’ve got me accessed, they’ll pull the blood work to make sure I can receive tomorrow’s infusion. As recently noted, it’s possible to fail this blood test. The most common failure point is immune system collapse, as happened to me back at the beginning of June. In my case, having received the Neulasta injection, we don’t expect to see that. There are some less likely failure points around organ function, but I’m relatively young and healthy and we don’t expect to see that, either. Nonetheless, we have to expect.

And speaking of Neulasta, that shit’s a bitch, if you’ll pardon my English. I had intermittent bone and muscle aches, some of which were just bizarre. This is a known and expected side effect. The weirdest one was the day where every time I strained at stool (as they say in the lower GI business), my spine and ribs would flare with pain.

Anyway, starting tomorrow morning I’ll be a drooling fool through sometime Sunday. Watch this space for dribbles.

Cancer: a never-ending adventure. If you’re considering it for yourself, I can recommend better hobbies.