[cancer] The chemo dozer

Once again I am largely sleeping my way through chemotherapy. Slept through the infusion yesterday. Slept most of yesterday afternoon. Slept long overnight, and into the morning. The new med combination plus my snse of surrendering myself to the process seem to be working. This is running much more like last session, and much less like the first two.

A number of things are piling up on my desk an in my inbox that require my attention. I’m probably not going to execute on them this weekend for fear of having chemo-induced brain fail. That will make Monday morning exciting as I prep to go to Omaha midday. Ah, me.

Also, to belabor the obvious, if you want something out of me, good, bad or indifferent, this is not the weekend to ask. Yesterday I once again got a snotty email on chemo day from someone who really, really should have known better. I’m not up to dealing with my own difficulties on chemo days, let alone other people’s.

Anyway, I’m off to veg and nap. Be well, or at least be weller than me.