[cancer] Chemo session four

I did not blog each day of chemo this time due to the extreme sleep. I think I slept about 25 hours over a two day period from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. I also spent much of my waking time dozing.

H— took care of me this time. She made me a matching hat and gloves while she was here.


We had cute monkey bandages for when I came off the needle.


[info]the_child made the 4/12 burning.



And lo, we burned it.


No nausea, lots of sleep, and I’m feeling pretty ok.

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2 thoughts on “[cancer] Chemo session four

  1. ebear says:

    Burn, baby. Burn.

  2. Cora says:

    That’s a very cool hat. It might raise some eyebrows on the plane, though.

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