[cancer|personal] Energy and focus

So the new drug regime of Zyprexa+Lorazepam really does seem to do the trick of getting me through the chemo weekend largely intact. The nausea has been a complete non-issue twice now. My bounceback is much more robust as well. Given that my prescription schedule extends through Monday night, I am irked by the logeyness and slowed mental acuity going into the post-chemo week, but those aren’t too severe. Of course, part of my being a bit ‘off’ yesterday surely has as much to do with pushing myself to travel on Monday as anything.

Still, yesterday I put in a full day’s work at the office while [info]the_child bombed around with [info]elusivem. We all had dinner together as well. I even managed to patch together a good hour of writing and WRPA even through brain fog. No ballooning due to weather issues, but possibly better luck today.

As for writing, I’d like to get this story that I’ve started completed to first draft in the next day or two. I have to noodle with another concept piece I’ve agreed to participate in. Then, hopefully by the weekend, back to Sunspin. I really want to make some progress before surgery takes me out of the game for a while, in less than three weeks.

Wake up, brain, wake up!