[cancer] Living with the results of chemo

Yesterday was pretty brutal. I was profoundly exhausted, so other than some cooking for friends I took the day as downtime. (Exhaustion has really interfered with my writing goals this week.) But my lower GI was also shedding, hard. Which is disruptive, annoying and borderline painful.

Under cut for digestive TMI. You have been warned.

Essentially, I had about fifteen productive bowel movements in an 18-hour period. For the most part every 45 minutes to an hour and a half I’d be hit with a heavy intestinal cramp. That would be my cue to head for the head and let it go. This was Shedding Day, when my stomach lining gives up. I can medicate for this with anti-diarrheals, but my lower GI is so sensitive that such an effort brings a high risk of serious constipation. Which I can assure you is not an improvement.

My fear yesterday was that the situation would persist through today and into tomorrow’s flight home, but so far my lower GI has been somewhat quieter this morning.

Chemo side effects like this are exhausting, disruptive, dispiriting and strip one of dignity. I had to briskly leave conversations at least half a dozen times yesterday due to the sudden urgency of the GI issues. I spent an aggregate of close to three hours sitting in the bathroom yesterday. Combine that with the extreme fatigue, and I am grateful for the forbearance of my friends and [info]the_child.

Another quiet day today before the flight home. I hope my body feels the same way.