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[cancer] The forthcoming surgery

I’ll be talking about this some more tomorrow, but I’m having my liver resected for the second time this coming Tuesday. Flying home from Readercon today, going on a liquid diet tomorrow (along with bowel prep) and rolling in to the hospital probably very early Tuesday for a morning surgery. Among other delights, I’ll be on IV feeding for several day, then back on a liquid diet for a while, so after today, no solid food for me.

I’ll be offline probably for close to a week, depending on how long it takes my brain to come back to usefulness from the anesthesia and the post-operative pain medications. I’ll try to have someone post status updates on the surgery and any significant post-operative events, but as that will be out of my control, I make no promises.

The funny thing is I am oddly cheerful about the impending medical festivities. I don’t feel intimidated or freaked out. Which just goes to show that after three previous rounds of cancer surgery, a person really can get used to anything.

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