[process|cancer] Bookus interruptus

As it happens, I am ready to begin drafting the third section of Calamity of So Long a Life. I’ve completed my read throughs of the synopsis and the first two sections, I’ve pulled together an outline of the third section from the material in the synopsis, and I’m ready to go.

I did a bunch of this work yesterday on the plane home from Readercon. Then I reached a point where it was time to start actually writing the text. And it occurred to me, as it has several times recently, that as of Tuesday and my surgery I’ll drop out of this effort for two to three weeks, possibly a little longer.

It felt very strange to contemplate writing for two days of what will probably be a 20-25 day project, then immediately stop. Bookus interruptus, as I said in the subject line.

Likewise, I am reading short fiction by Claude Lalumi√®re, his collection Objects of Worship, even though the new GRRM tome is here waiting for me to crack it open. Why? Because I don’t want to spend two days reading the first 100 pages of A Dance With Dragons, and then drop out of that book for two to three weeks, possible a little longer.

This whole having cancer thing is remarkably inconvenient, I must say.

In other news, I did enjoy Readercon quite a bit, even though I spent much of it laying low in my room. A terrific dinner with la agente, seeing a number of folks I like and don’t see often (even if some of them didn’t see me), and, finally, meeting the last author in the field who can still reduce me to bubbling fanboy squee, Chip Delany. Who was very nice about my wibbling.