[cancer] Home Sunday with my sutures

Yesterday was quite a day. [info]danjite and [info]khaybee are staying here for about a week, and they were about. [info]the_child came home from her Seattle sojourn. [info]zellandyne dropped by for a few hours, along with briefer visits from [info]davidlevine, [info]kateyule and [info]maclark2005. Also, all three of my parents. And Mother of the Child. And H—. And her dog.

Me, I presided from my chair, was occasionally fed yummy food from my apparently ever-busy kitchen, while talking, reading A Dance With Dragons, watching various people’s YouTube favorites, and, eventually, one my favorite movies, the 1985 Australian release Blissimdb ].

My incision pain was pretty steady and intrusive all day long, but I realized late in the day I was being too low-mobility. The current diet of Ibuprofen and Tylenol doesn’t nearly approach Dilaudid or Vicodin for pain control, but my body is a lot happier. Lower GI is still very slow and funky, however. So more moving around for me today, for a bunch of good reasons. I did take a Lorazepam in hopes of sleeping better through the pain last night, results ambiguous from this morning’s perspectives. Also doesn’t help that it’s hot as heck here (by Oregon standards), and I can’t how much of my sweatiness is pain related, how much is medication related, and how much is just weather related.

Still, I am expecting a quiet day around the house with whatever visitors muster themselves. I don’t figure on leaving again until I go to my post-op followup Wednesday.

One thought on “[cancer] Home Sunday with my sutures

  1. Stevie says:

    Jay, I’m pretty sure that you did not mean to conflate the roster of people who love you, and are with you, with sutures.

    I was stunned, and thinking about why I was stunned I realised that it is an enormous compliment to you; it means I expect you to produce perfectly crafted writing even when you have just emerged from a massive surgical procedure.

    And I know that the book ‘A Dance With Dragons’ has its strengths, but it’s fictional, and you are Dancing with Dragons for real, in real time.

    Those sutures look like one or more dragons has tried his claws on you, but you have fought them off. Long may you continue to do so!

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