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I met with my medical oncologist yesterday. We agreed that I am in fine health, except for the nicely-recovering surgical wound and the systemic cancer issues. She, like my surgical oncologist, was unconcerned about the proximity of my tumor to my right kidney, as the margins tested clean. We have agreed on 8/26 as the start date for the next round of chemotherapy. I’ll go in 8/25 for labs, and then the usual morning run 8/26 for treatment.

In that vein (so to speak), I am going to be on prophylactic Neulasta this fall. The half-life of the drug is 10 days, so she figures they’ll give me an injection at every session unless my white cell count is too high. That will be interesting. It also means that I’m unlikely to have any chemo date slips. I failed to ask her about whether I should be on Avastin this fall, so have followed up with an email.

I also claimed my liver segment, which had been sent over by pathology. My medical oncologist thought it was hilarious and weird that I wanted that back. The tissue sample is two pieces, about the size of steak tips, which they rather resemble. Photos here if anyone wants to see. The segment has been enshrined on my brag shelf next to my steampunk modded My Little Pony. Now I need to go fish out my colon segment to go along with it.

Per my discussion with my medical oncologist, my fall chemo schedule should be:

8/26 – 8/28
9/9 – 9/11
9/23 – 9/25
10/7 – 10/9
10/21 – 10/23
11/4 – 11/6
11/18 – 11/20
12/2 – 12/4

That should be it. We’re working now on setting up my primary caregiver rotation. I’ll have some followup testing in December, and be very reduced in energy and capacity through at least March. Maybe this time we’ll get the little fucker good.

6 thoughts on “[cancer] More oncology

  1. Drax says:

    OH MAN!!!! Those “steak tips” are so much grosser than I imagined!!! Because they look so edible!! Arghghg!!! Oh god take this vision AWAY!

    1. Simone Cooper says:

      What has been seen cannot be unseen.

      However, these are way too big to be foie gras.

  2. Simone Cooper says:

    And on a more serious note, that schedule looks exhausting, Jay. I know you must be looking forward to March, and anxious, too.

    I’m thinking BE WELL thoughts to you, and I’ll keep ’em coming.

  3. So, if all else fails, you’re thinking clones?

    (Would someone cloned from a liver segment have an aversion to onions, or an attraction?)

    When my wife had her gall bladder out, the surgeon brought Polaroids out to the waiting room to show me. “Gee, Doc, thanks a — bleccchhhh — lot.”

  4. Cora says:

    Your liver segments bear an uncanny resemblance to the roasted liver my Mom would sometimes serve with spinach, when I was a kid.

    Anyway, sending you good wishes and virtual spoons.

  5. Jed says:

    Maybe this time we’ll get the little fucker good.

    Hope so. Go, Jay!

    (…And I think everyone is showing admirable restraint by not mentioning the phrase “fava beans and a nice Chianti” anywhere in proximity to those liver photos.)

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