[writing] A productive day, and then there’s today

Yesterday I got it far enough into gear to be highly productive. 3,300 words on Sunspin plus writing a nonfiction piece plus more work on the Hugo script. That felt good, to be so on top of things. Also got in an hour’s walk on Mount Tabor, and some fairly hard core parenting time.

My generally good mood was someone spoilt by an anonymous nastygram which arrived via lettermail. I don’t mind people having legitimate beef with me, or even going for a verbal/written throwdown if we’re at odds for some reason. Confrontation and resolution is part of life. But anonymous sniping, especially unfounded sniping, really pisses me off, whether it’s in comments or via the US Mail. Moral cowardice from the protection of anonymity is still moral cowardice. Grow up, people.

Today, however, I have woken up with what feels like the leading edge of a cold or flu. Which, if this bears out, will be phenomenally wretched timing. My throat itches and aches a little, and I have more body aches than usual. However, given the degree of running around I’ve been doing lately, and yesterday’s walk up and down Mount Tabor, the body aches could be unrelated, while the throat tickle could be a bit of allergy. I’ll lay low and take lots of fluids today, to see if I can beat this. That sometimes succeeds.

Meanwhile, more Sunspin.

4 thoughts on “[writing] A productive day, and then there’s today

  1. pelican says:

    Wow- that is pretty passive aggressive- nasty anonymous note through the mail. I’m sure that’s a lovely person. Sorry that put a brief dent in what sounds like an otherwise terrific day.

  2. Trey says:

    Sorry Jay. Sounds like there are assholes everywhere. I hope it doesn’t get you too down.
    And heal up and don’t get sick. I’m dying to see what you can turn out for space opera with Sunspin.

  3. Matte Lozenge says:

    You really have to be a committed troll to flame through the snail mail. Cheeto-stained keyboard/pen/pencil indeed.

  4. Cora says:

    Snail mail trolling. That’s an odd level of dedication for a troll.

    Sorry that this arsehole ruined your day.

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