[books|writing] Keeping score on my novels

Not that anybody was asking, but in an attempt to corral my own thoughts, here’s a list of all the novels I’ve ever written/co-written or am committed to writing, time and my health permitting. I make this seventeen completed manuscripts, two in-progress manuscripts, and six on the table to be written. In addition to all of the below, [info]kenscholes and I have discussed doing a YA gonzo SF trilogy together, once he’s done with the Psalms of Isaac.

Who has time for cancer?

Written but unpublished

The January Machine (time travel/millenial SF, project abandoned)
Rocket Science (zero draft)
Death of a Starship (zero draft)
The Murasaki Doctrine (space opera/military SF, could not sell)
The Heart of the Beast (with Jeff VanderMeer, project abandoned)
Our Lady of the Islands (with Shannon Page, at my agent)
Other Me (YA lost colony/identity paranoia SF, awaiting rewrite)

Written, in progress or planned

Rocket Science

Death of a Starship


Endurance (forthcoming)
Kalimpura (forthcoming)

Trial of Flowers
Madness of Flowers
Reign of Flowers (not a committed project)

Calamity of So Long a Life (in progress)
The Whips and Scorns of Time (to be drafted in 2012)
Be All Our Sins Remembered (to be drafted in 2012)

Original Destiny, Manifest Sin (American Old West fantasy/AH, to be drafted in 2012 or 2013)

Black Tulip (Dutch historial thriller/mystery, to be drafted in 2013)

The Rockefeller Plot (1970s diplomatic thriller with Ambassador Joseph Lake, in progress)
[untitled Biafran war novel] (1960s diplomatic thriller with Ambassador Joseph Lake)

3 thoughts on “[books|writing] Keeping score on my novels

  1. Hi Jay.

    Some months ago you mentioned you´d only write Reign of Flowers if some publisher paid you in advance (or something like that). Now you say it´s not a comitted project, though it seems to be planned. So…were you disappointed by the results of Trial/Madness, financially or aesthetically? Or is it just a matter of your other projects are more urgent, more commercially viable?(I loved Trial of Flowers, btw)

    1. Jay says:

      Jacques –

      The problem is that the book would be third in a series that hasn’t performed well commercially. It would be almost impossible to sell it on spec, and the publisher is unlikely to pick it up as a series continuation. I don’t mind writing books on spec — Sunspin is being written that way — but I’m reluctant to commit time to a project that is probably unsellable.

      The loophole is if I ever get the rights back to the first two, I might decided to self-publish or micropublish a third book alongside a rerelease of the other two. Or, if I’m far enough along in my career, remarket all three through a major publisher some day.


      1. Meran says:

        I’d hoped for the third in this series. Too bad it never sold well. (.its my favorite of all your books.) Dark it is, but I see it as an epic book… An Odyssey of a different time.

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